Logo design is made of geometric, electric blue lines that mimic a circuit board to form an R for Robotfun

Branding, Web Design & Development


Robotfun offers robotics masterclasses, workshops and robot-themed birthday parties to children of all ages. As a start-up business, RobotFun required an identity and materials which would give them a visual presence and allow them to promote their classes and events directly to schools and organisations.

I helped Robotfun define their brand messaging and designed a fun brand identity that would appeal to children of all ages. The brand identity was implemented across all printed literature and a fully responsive Wordpress website, which enables Robotfun to take bookings and inform visitors of the latest news.

Responsive web design & development for Robotfun. The website is shown on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone
Web Design & Development
Branding, Logo Design, and Web design & development for Robotfun
Branding, Web Design & Development for Robotfun
Page design showing typography and illustrated robot graphics in a promotional brochure design for Robotfun
Promotional Brochure Design
Set of stationery utilises simplified circuit board graphics for texture to emphasis the brand identity of Robotfun
Set of Stationery

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