Logo design for Opportunities Workshop. An empty square icon, representing a vacancy, a position to be filled, has soft rounded corners that perfectly balance the slightly round grotesk logotype

Branding, Web Design & Marketing Collateral

Opportunities Workshop

Based in Ipswich, Opportunities Workshop offer training and apprenticeships to help people develop their careers. A few years in, the company had experienced steady growth and now required a graphic design agency to help them create branding and materials that would live up to the professionalism of their services.

The brand identity was created using bold, quirky illustrations and advertising materials to deliver the business's core messages in fun and exciting ways. This lighthearted approach helps to bring Opportunities Workshop to life while maintaining professionalism. All of which helps to make the task of job hunting and learning new skills a more enjoyable experience.

Responsive web design & development for Opportunities Workshop. The website is shown on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone demonstrating that it is fully responsive
Responsive Web Design & Development
Two poster designs use excessively thick bold lines to make up minimalist graphics. One depicts a mountain with the message Ready for your next challenge\. The other a padlock with the message unlock your potential\
Selection of Poster Designs
Standing floor banners for Opportunities Workshop. Each banner shows a black and white photograph of different animal with the brands square graphic surrounding it's face: a pug with the message Job prospects looking ugly?, a tortoise with the message career moving slowly?, and a meercat with the message on the lookout for work?
Standing floor banner designs
Exhibition stand design for Opportunities Workshop. A black and white photograph of a seagull with the message Soar to new heights\
Exhibition stand design

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