Logo design for Minding the Gap, clean bold logotype in white set against a rich purple background, the i's in minding are accentuated in a vibrant orange and are personified by altering their heights. With the shorter one representing a youth and the taller representing an adult

Logo Design & Marketing Collateral

Minding the Gap

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust help young people with the transition from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Open Minded, CAMHS) to adult services. The Trust approached us to create an identity and two promotional flyer designs that would appeal to the young adults and give them the necessary information about the services available.

The first step was to define the message of the flyers and to simplify the content, to make it easier for people to understand. We then designed an identity with crisp type and two bright colours that could be used to distinguish between the age groups and promotional flyers using.

Promotional flyers for Minding the Gap use crisp typography with the contrasting purple and orange colours with highlights of white
Promotional flyers
Set of Posters for Minding the Gap, the poster designs use large letters and characters to make statements. One poster design shows two i's, one larger than the other, with the message Bridging the gap from Open Minded to Adult Services. Another has a large question mark with the message Worried about moving from Open Minded to Adult Services?
Set of Poster Designs

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