Logo design for IO Radio, the letters I and O form an on icon which is cut out of a spray benday dots forming an edgy looking icon

Logo Design & Web Development

IO Radio

IO Radio is an online community radio station based at South Street Studios in Ipswich. Training and support is provided to help young people in Ipswich create and broadcast their own radio shows.

They needed an identity that was fun and approachable and a website that would put the radio player at the forefront. The website was created as single page app to ensure the radio player would continue playing while a listener is navigating the site.

Responsive single page website design & development for IO Radio. The website is shown on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone
Responsive single page website design & development
Branding, Web Design & development for IO Radio
Logo Design, Web Design & Development for a Community Radio Station
Collection of poster designs for IO Radio use flat bright colours with benday dot graphics representing sound waves overlaid with short brand messages in large offset typography
Collection of Poster Designs

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