Elegant logo design with serif small cap lettering of Carts & Crafts set around the inside perimeter

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Carts & Crafts

Located in Essex, Carts & Crafts is a manufacturer of bespoke candy carts, ice cream bikes and traditional wooden crafts. As a previous eBay trader, they required a more professional image and an online presence that would allow them to promote their products across the UK.

The logo design and branding that was created for Carts & Crafts gives it a distinctly traditional feel. A content managed website was designed and developed to promote the brand and its collection of products. Original website copy was written using researched keywords to improve search engine optimisation.

The website has played a big part in the growth of Carts & Crafts, attracting clients such as Sainsbury's, HSBC and Subway. The site ranks well in search engines, pulling in an average of four enquiries a week; that's over 200 more enquiries a year than before.

Responsive web design & development for Carts & Crafts. The website is shown on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone
Responsive Web Design & Development
Logo design, web design & development for Carts & Crafts
Logo Design, Web Design & Development for a Carpenter
Business Card Design for Carts & Crafts
Business Card Design for a Carpenter

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