Black & white hand cut lettering logo design for Ask Decide Act set against a soft corn blue background

Logo Design, Web Design & Marketing Collateral

Ask Decide Act

Ask Decide Act provide training and support to help young people learn how to film interviews with their friends and family. Encouraging people to ask questions about what life is like where they live to highlight opportunities for future projects.

While working with Ask Decide Act it became clear that they wanted an identity that was hands-on and would be easy for them to replicate. I created a toned down punk aesthetic using hand-cut lettering for the logo design and core statements, the light blue colour was used to make the brand look friendly and approachable. It gives the identity a DIY feel that is well suited to a community project. This style was applied to a range of promotional marketing materials including standing floor banners, flyers and a responsive Wordpress website.

Promotional flyers using bold rough hand cut lettering for core brand messages as part of an Ask Decide Act campaign
Promotional Flyers
Responsive Website design & development for Ask Decide Act. The website is shown on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone
Responsive Website Design & Development
Standing floor banner using the hand cut letting for core brand messages
Standing Floor Banner

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